A man who changed my life….

I am thankful to god because he gave me such a nice person in my life..I think one should get atleast one person who is always there for help and support..i meet that person at the middle of my life where i was totally depressed and there was no hope to live…but when i met him he makes me smile..after meeting him i recognized myself that what i am..again i started to feel the happiness of my life…if you really someone. .than definitely you will get all the happiness of your life..and i want to thank that person for being a part of my life….

Love for someone is unconditional…

If you really love some one with the core of your heart than definitely you wish him all the good luck for him…sometimes situation is very cruel and painful if your love is with someone who is already in trouble..love dont need any explanation its only needs your expression with full of desire and happiness towards that person…i am lucky or not but i got such a person in my life who is not only a person for me but a guy who is my guide who motivate me in my every situation of my life even he is very far from me but he is always there if i close my eyes and think about him…so if you love someone than love him ..no matters how he looks what is is income aur from where he belongs…love him if he cares about you and understands you….

When i meet a stranger..my life changed..

I meet a person who is very innocent and humble ..the days spend with him is really memorable..if you need anyone in your who can help you or motivate you than i must say that i got everything in that stranger…after long time when we started sharing everything from each other than i realized that a stranger can be a part of your life..because he can give and do anything for your life…thanks to that person who maked me smile…


I think in this world only a father is a person who love you without any conditions..he fight for you .he gives you all the facilities even he lives in worst condition. We should be thankful to god that he send us a handful hand and backbone to us to make our life happy..love u papa


Love is a part of life..but sometimes its hurts you so much that you hate yourself that why you fallen in love..for one person we do everything but in return pain only comes..if you really want love…than love yourself and your rest of life will be filled with peace ..


Sometime we face so many troubles in our life that are beyond our imagination. But if we know how to handle it in a good way than that troubles are nothing at all.a girl life is always full of struggle from her birth only..she started fighting from her early age only..